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writing: HiLoBrow Rebooting Museums

Rebooting Museums, a new series for HiLoBrow, launched today.
The series explores ways that museums could potentially learn from various pop culture inspirations; the posts begin with my inspiration for the theme, the Battlestar Galactica.

writing: HiLoBrow Fitting Shoes

above: Farmers looking over shoes for sale, Durham, N.C., 1939 (LOC)

My first piece for HiLoBrow has posted (an investigation into the potential make and model of the shoes described in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man).

writing: Curator, January 2011

Though not yet posted online, the January 2011 issue of Curator: The Museum Journal is out and includes my article Beyond Information: Ritual, Relationship, and Re-encounter through Mobile Connectivity. This is the abstract:

This paper examines mobile development and the social aspects of connectivity as they relate to public experience. The author argues that mobile development is something more than the information-distribution platform for which it is most commonly used within the museum community. Nine stories, in this article, relate the stunningly diverse inventive possibilities of the medium. Mobile is often used to deliver additional content within museum exhibitions, but this paper encourages institutions to consider designing beyond this known paradigm and to see mobile as a means for institutions to build and sustain new relationships with visitors.