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exhibits (Thinc Design): Infinite Variety for the American Folk Art Museum

From March 25 – 30, 2011, Joanna Rose’s collection of 651 red and white quilts were displayed at the Park Avenue Armory. Mrs. Rose imagined Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts as a gift to the city (along with the amazing gift of the installation itself, the admission was free), and the reception to the installation was extraordinary. Nearly 25,000 visitors attended the show within its 6 day run, breaking the Armory’s attendance records. The immense press attention included multiple articles in the New York Times, two pieces in the Wall Street Journal, Metropolis, The Last Magazine, the Financial Times, and Martha Stewart – both on her blog and a segment on her show. Also, an app was created by a team assembled by David S. Rose and can be found in the iTunes and Android stores.

The Thinc team began working closely with the American Folk Art Museum team after presenting the concept to the Museum and Mrs. Rose in spring 2010. This was an amazing group effort, and nearly a dozen people contributed along the way. The core Thinc team also consisted of Tom Hennes, Steve Shaw, Aki Shigemori, and Bix Biederbeck. We were all a part of the design concept team; for the run of the project, I oversaw the management, production, coordination, and client communication. We worked with Paul Palazzo for the beautiful lighting, and John Wolf’s team at PRG fabricated the elements and executed the installation build, breakdown, and maintenance for the run of the show. John and Paul worked closely with us on the planning to ensure that we could complete the installation in less than 72 hours.

I’m in the midst of editing timelapse footage that Tom Hennes shot throughout the installation. A preview of what we’ll be posting was recently posted by WNYC as part of an article on the show:

Watching the PRG team install was remarkable. I left the first day of install wanting to run off to train to become a climbing rigger. (Beyond the cranes, look for the men in the rafters in the image below.)

exhibits: projects for Thinc Design

above: handmade book created as a leave-behind for a proposal presentation

As Strategist for Thinc, I’ve held a variety of roles on a number of projects and created dozens of proposals. From conceptualization to project management, I’ve worked in scales from prototyping to master planning. A select list of projects and roles include:

  • National September 11 Memorial Museum, 2007-2010 – concept team member, pitch proposal designer, proposal charrette producer, client contact, project manager, personal mobile device strategy team member
  • Johnson & Johnson Beijing Olympic Games Pavilion, 2006 – concept team member, pitch proposal designer
  • Connecticut Science Center, 2006 – content developer
  • The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk Master Plan, 2006 – project manager
  • Gapminder Game prototype, 2009 – designer, producer, client contact
  • Johnson & Johnson Shanghai Expo presence, 2010 – concept team member, pitch proposal designer, creative manager
  • Miami Science Museum Living Core, 2010 – concept and media brainstorming
  • American Folk Art Museum, Infinite Variety, 2010-2011 – concept team member, pitch proposal producer, client contact, exhibit producer
  • International Great Apes Center at the Indianapolis Zoo, 2010-2011 – content developer, media designer, media prototyping lead

exhibits: Whirligig, Bruce Weber at Fahey/Klein, 2005

all images courtesy & (c) Bruce Weber/Little Bear

all images courtesy & (c) Bruce Weber/Little Bear

all images courtesy & (c) Bruce Weber/Little Bear

all images courtesy & (c) Bruce Weber/Little Bear

all images courtesy & (c) Bruce Weber/Little Bear

For his first exhibition in the US in years (and the first in Los Angeles in even longer), we created Bruce Weber’s Whirligig at Fahey/Klein Gallery. Filled with dozens of photographs, unique objects, and 3 massive polaroid pieces, the October opening for this unique exhibition coincided with the release of the 2005 monograph Blood Sweat and Tears.

Role: co-curator, producer, registrar, production, invitation design