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random things made: Beckett and Blue Box Girl boxes

I made more than a dozen Beckett and Blue Box Girl objects somewhere around 2000-2001. These are the three that remain. All are a combination of found objects and assorted mixed media materials.

random things made: old remnants from the blue box days

In digging through old things to document, finding the remnants of previous making lives, I ran across this little piece of paper from the Beckett box/Blue Box Girl days. It’s been pinned to my wall for more than 10 years. (typewriter correction ink on vellum, actual size: approximately 1″x.5″)

random things made: postcards for myth club

The December gathering of the NYC Mythology Club also happened to be the date of the founder’s birthday. When she first started Myth Club, I asked her if it was legit to tell a story in pictures rather than words. We’d discussed slide shows. And analog slide shows (I imagine those as big cards with an assistant who walks them around the room like at a boxing match). But, for this first attempt, I instead chose to create a series of postcards sent to her on her birthday. Eurydice of Orpheus and Eurydice sent Kio correspondence from the underworld that told the story in a series of 3 postcards (the above being the first). I received great help from the chorus of the club in telling the tale, and the myth was recommended by Kio herself in a gracious moment of helping me get out of the gate. The lack of postage was intentional; I wasn’t sure how much a postcard from the underworld cost.

Future iterations could include correspondence from multiple characters, items sent from multiple locations, and I still haven’t completely yet abandoned the analog slide show idea. These postcards were printed on 5.5×8.5 watercolor paper. I shot the above image of my friend Alethea in 1998 or 1999; the original was meticulously printed on matte fiber paper, and I scanned the original print for this iteration.