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writing: HiLoBrow Fitting Shoes

above: Farmers looking over shoes for sale, Durham, N.C., 1939 (LOC)

My first piece for HiLoBrow has posted (an investigation into the potential make and model of the shoes described in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man).

digital story experiments: (packed.)

(packed.), 2003

Some days I call this an interactive sound installation. Other days I call it a book. It’s likely a bit of both. Intended as the prototype for a larger piece, (packed.) includes a series of plexiglass photographic objects meant to be hung on a “wall” to trigger sound, story, and various perspectives. Created using Max/MSP and a Pic microprocessor, it was a universe to explore; the user’s actions – in what order and amount the objects were hung – triggered up to 18 different pieces of sound, including up to 4 different layers of perspective. The audio, all spoken word, layered as if the user were sitting in a room – from the clarity of the closest conversation to the patterning of the voices far away; the more the user explored, the more the user was able to reveal. The photographs (scans of objects and photos) and story source material, a young woman’s journey to Paris with the American Legion, were given to me by my grandmother. This project was my master’s thesis for the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU.

books – handmade: (packed.)

(packed.), 2003
materials: cloth, ribbon, old typewriter paper, index cards, envelopes, polaroid photographs, watercolor paper