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Day October 24, 2014

an unintentional limited edition gift press

Since late summer 2012, when Max Fenton and I started the unnamed.pdf project, I’ve returned to an old love of making zines. Unnamed.pdf set the model for the work I’ve done both with Max and independently since our first issue; all zines can be viewed on screen and/or downloaded as a DIY file with which a viewer can make his or her own copy.

When we created unnamed.pdf’s issue 2 in December 2013, I began to recognize that we were making mini-photo monographs. I decided that, alongside distributing the files for possible DIY creation by others, I wanted to start making meticulous, handmade copies of my own. I returned to another old love, making handmade books, and began a process that remains unseen on this site each time that I post a new zine.

For each zine that I make and post, whether in collaboration with Max or alone, I make 4-5 unique physical copies. I found a high quality, double sided photo print paper, print them on my slow but beautiful old Epson printer, and hand bind each one. I then send each copy to an individual who I consider related to the zine story in some way—as a participant, supporter, or topic-interested reader. Inspired by projects such as Wallace Berman’s Semina and Ray Johnson’s practice of sending mail art, the physical copies can’t be requested; I gift them as a form of correspondence with people in my world.