books – published: Bruce Weber, Blood Sweat and Tears, 2005

all images courtesy & (c) Bruce Weber/Little Bear

In Weber’s world, fashion is not simply shaped by clothes, but by the body and spirit that inhabit them. (Photoeye)

The largest monograph of Bruce’s work to date, and the first to concentrate on his fashion photography, Blood Sweat and Tears: or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Fashion contains 448 pages of 107 color illustrations, 216 b&w illustrations, and 21 toned photographs, at 10½x14¼” (and weighs close to 12 pounds). Published by teNeues in 2005 and spanning more than 30 years of Bruce’s archive, we celebrated the book’s release in late 2005 with a signing at Bergdorf Goodman, a party coinciding with the opening of Whirligig at Fahey/Klein, and a signing at Arcana.

Role: co-editor, producer, contract negotiations, usage permissions, research, production, mechanical design