books – handmade: the anatomical encyclopedia (in process)

the original seeds of the anatomical encyclopedia:

As the name suggests, Semina was seminal for artists everywhere. As Berman retreated from the artistic scene in Los Angeles, he spent his time hand crafting letter-pressed periodicals, which were only mailed to friends. You couldn’t subscribe, you just had to get them, and that to me represents an interesting extreme of an artists’ activities. He’s not sitting worried about his next gallery show; he’s not waiting for a curator to come in and give him a museum show.
- Alex Gartenfeld on Wallace Berman, Art In America

The purpose of this study is to build and manage environment models with line segments from sonar range data for obstacles in unknown and varied environments. The proposed method subsequently employs a two-stage data-transform process in order to extract environmental line segments from range data of obstacles. In the first stage the sonar data is accumulated to a local histogram grid. In the second stage the local histogram grid is mapped to a line histogram by Hough transform. New line segments can be found at maximum density cells in the line histogram and they are composed to the global line segments map. The proposed technique is illustrated by experiments in an indoor environment.
- from “A geometrical sonar maps for mobile robots” by Young-Shick Ro

if you and i wrote letters, it might look something like this (aka ‘it’ll get here,’ he said, but i knew that it was lost in the mail), 2009