interactive installations, digital storytelling: untitled(textworld)

This project is an experiment in the embodiment of written texts as interactive virtual spaces. Taking inspiration from such disparate sources as the art of Josef Kosuth, the texts and plays of Samuel Beckett, Medieval Cathedrals and Reliquaries, the space investigates the emotional response triggered by sound and virtual environments.

Created in Virtools and 3DS Max, the user simultaneously navigates through both visual and audio landscapes. The physical topography is determined by the same text on which the audio soundscape is based.

Also a web-based piece, it was shown both at the ITP spring 2002 show and as part of a collective installation at Villette Numerique at La Villette, Paris, in fall 2002. Though shown at the ITP show as a large screen, the original intent was to show it within a confined space. I designed the interface for the Villette Numerique group installation as a card catalogue, as seen in the bottom image; the card catalogue was coded by collaborator Peter Moskal.