exhibits: projects for Thinc Design

above: handmade book created as a leave-behind for a proposal presentation

As Strategist for Thinc, I’ve held a variety of roles on a number of projects and created dozens of proposals. From conceptualization to project management, I’ve worked in scales from prototyping to master planning. A select list of projects and roles include:

  • National September 11 Memorial Museum, 2007-2010 – concept team member, pitch proposal designer, proposal charrette producer, client contact, project manager, personal mobile device strategy team member
  • Johnson & Johnson Beijing Olympic Games Pavilion, 2006 – concept team member, pitch proposal designer
  • Connecticut Science Center, 2006 – content developer
  • The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk Master Plan, 2006 – project manager
  • Gapminder Game prototype, 2009 – designer, producer, client contact
  • Johnson & Johnson Shanghai Expo presence, 2010 – concept team member, pitch proposal designer, creative manager
  • Miami Science Museum Living Core, 2010 – concept and media brainstorming
  • American Folk Art Museum, Infinite Variety, 2010-2011 – concept team member, pitch proposal producer, client contact, exhibit producer
  • International Great Apes Center at the Indianapolis Zoo, 2010-2011 – content developer, media designer, media prototyping lead