writing: MCN2011 – Public Space Storytelling Through Personal Mobile Devices, slides (take 1)

There will be a “take 2″ to this post, and here’s why:

The presentation documentation is not entirely self-explanatory, and it will take me a bit longer to write a short piece that summarizes the talk. (The presentation contained, almost exclusively, images and quotes; I did not include summary texts within the slides.) However, I wanted to post a reference presentation as soon as possible. I quoted 20 different people through the course of the presentation, some from multiple writing sources, and I presume that part of the audience request for slide access may have been a request for these quote references. So, I decided to post the presentation in stages rather than wait until I finished the summary post.

But, (another however) I allow access to this 5MB low resolution version with a few caveats.

One, most of the images look terrible. I passionately ask you to not reference this iteration of the presentation for image quality. For this version, I also created a sometimes awkward white border along the bottom of all the slides. This allowed me to include reference links for all the images. It was more important to me to credit all sources properly than to maintain perfect reference visuals; in the next iteration, this will appear more visually clean.

Two, some of the reference links – when auto-clicked within the .pdf – do not link to the proper urls. I will fix this within the next iteration. Until then, please copy and paste the link into your browser. I’ve also uploaded all of the personal images I used here.

I hope to have the “take 2″ iteration of this post, including an optimized .pdf of the presentation, finished as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.