[Briskly.] Ah! [He bends over ledger, turns the pages, finds the entry he wants, reads.] Box… thrree.. spool… five. [He raises his head and stares front. With relish.] Spool! [Pause.] Spooool! [Happy smile. Pause. He bends over table, starts peering and poking at the boxes.] Box… thrree… thrree… four… two… [with surprise] nine! good God!… seven… ah! the little rascal! [He takes up box, peers at it.] Box thrree. [He lays it on table, opens it and peers at spools inside.] Spool… [he peers at ledger] … five… [he peers at spools] … five… five… ah! the little scoundrel! [He takes out a spool, peers at it.] Spool five. [He lays it on table, closes box three, puts it back with the others, takes up the spool.] Box thrree, spool five. [He bends over the machine, looks up. With relish.] Spooool! [Happy smile. He bends, loads spool on machine, rubs his hands.]

- Samuel Beckett’s opening to Krapp’s Last Tape

At its simplest, I’m a maker of things.

I make things of many different types—design for print, the internet, and physical space—and am especially interested in designing for the intersection of digital and physical experiences. As an artist/designer-in-residence at metaLab Harvard, I concentrate on the development of interactive documentaries, publishing experiments, and the convergence of mobile technologies, storytelling, and public space. In the first half of 2016, I was a member of the multidisciplinary inaugural team for Autodesk’s Experimental Research Lab.

I serve as Director of Experience Design for Unified Field. I joined UFI’s team in Fall 2014, after a multi-year role as Design Director and Senior Producer for a multimedia research project supported by NYU Abu Dhabi. Previous to FIND, I spent six years leading strategy and digital integration for Thinc Design, an award-winning exhibition design studio. My projects with Thinc ranged from media prototypes to large-scale institutions, and included the National September 11 Memorial Museum, Infinite Variety for the American Folk Art Museum, Rivers of Ice for the MIT Museum, and Gapminder Game with the Gapminder Foundation. Prior to joining Thinc, I worked for photographer Bruce Weber as a curator, publisher, archivist, and registrar for dozens of exhibitions and publications. My experience also includes stints in archives, urban planning, film production, freelance design, and museum education. I received a Bachelors of Arts in both history and art history/studio arts from Oberlin College and a Masters degree in new media design from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University.

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Contact: sherri dot wasserman at gmail dot com

Twitter: @tinkerkid; flickr: tinkerkid (mostly only visible to contacts); Tumblr: (tinder)sticks; Bookmarks: pinboard