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the logic behind the website redesign

As I’m working on populating this new site, a basic question keeps gnawing at me. If I’m a designer, what am I doing not only using a blog, but one designed by someone else? The reality is that this is the first redesign I’ve undertaken since 2005. Most of the designers I know are notoriously behind on redesigning their own portfolio sites, and I’m no exception. I made a choice between waiting for an additional indefinite amount of time – as my time and energy is drawn to other previous commitments, or finally creating a new functional site quickly. When I discovered Khoi Vinh and Allan Cole’s simple, elegant theme, I chose the latter.

I’ve left this site within a blog directory of my web server, with the intent that one day in the future I’ll create a more formal portfolio site adjacent. Until then, I hope it serves to show slightly more trace of production than my anonymous and/or locked down distributions of information of the last few years.